7 Kitenge Outfits For Formal Occasions

If fashion is your priority and you like to stand out, then you must agree with me that choosing the best African outfit for a formal occasion is the number one secret of staying relevant and stylish in the fashion industry. 

Fortunately, some outfits can work best for any occasion. However, most African dresses only work well either for casual occasions or official engagements. Everything else will be a misplacement otherwise.

How do you avoid being everywhere with your outfit? First and foremost, identify various kitenge outfits available for your selection. If you're lucky to get the best African dress, be sure to stand out from the crowd and have all eyes on you. Which lady doesn't like to get the attention anyway?

Follow up to check out the different African attires that will significantly inspire you and give you the confidence you need during your business meetings. Not only are these styles trendy and chick, but they will also give you that classic look that you have always dreamt of. 

Bossy and Classy African Dress Designs

If you're into the African culture or find African attires interesting, then you might want to give this article a read. What if I run out of options? You could be wondering. You'll always have a choice, with different African prints to choose from; you have high chances of never repeating a design.  

Most people think being in a formal setting doesn't need much when it comes to style. That is not true. You don't have to go to the office in blunt outfits. Add a bit of style and color, but always remember to stay within the acceptable formality range. 

Below are some of the outfits that will leave everybody gravitating towards your sense of style.

1.  Ever Thought Of Rocking A Purple Color?



Photo Credit: afrispiration    Source: Pinterest

If attracting attention in the office isn't a problem for you, then you must concur with me that rocking this bossy while sassy style is everything you need for your success.  

However, always remember that the outfit must have the right coverage without being overdressed. Putting this on during your official meetings will give you all the courage you need to kill that presentation. 

 2.  Are You A Pants And Top Person? 

Photo Credit: afrielb    Source: Pinterest

Being a boss lady that you're, you need this look to prove that. As much as most people might oppose this look, rocking it on a Wednesday or a Friday shows that when it comes to being stylish and classy, you've got everything figured out.  

This could be an excellent example of how diverse African attires can get. All you need to do is to shop the attire in your favorite color and pair it with the right type of shoes, and you're ready to kill it.

3. Simplicity Is King



Photo Credit: ericdressparty    Source: Pinterest

Are you attending an official meeting outside of your office? Don't worry yourself; go for a simple yet chic look. This is the best choice, especially if you want to send a message of how creative but assertive kind of lady you're. 

Being bold enough to play with different colors does not only show your confidence, but it also proves that you're ready to win your deals.

4. Go Easy On Your Day


Photo Credit: Lolaster    Source: Pinterest 

Try on a floral look. Life isn't always serious, so should you when it comes to how you style yourself in work environments. More so on Fridays, you need to loosen up a little bit. And, just in case you've got plans later in your day, and you're too busy to get a change of clothes, this floral outfits could be perfect. 

For Fridays and weekend office days, every career woman should make an effort to own this outfit. Most importantly, it's fit for casual occasions too. 


5.  The Lady in Red


Photo Credit: Zambora    Source: Pinterest 

According to the Chinese culture, the color red symbolizes joy and good luck. I guess they're not wrong. This color can make you be on top of the world and feel like a goddess. 

Wear it to the office any day and let everyone know that you're a serious person. No matter how simple this African print design is, it makes the most explicit statement about you.


6. Mermaid Perfection 


Photo Credit: Rosewe    Source: Pinterest 

Depending on the color you'll like to go for, mermaid designed African print dresses can work perfectly for official occasions. It can also be suitable for any social event that you may want to attend afterward. 


7. Pull-neck Lovers

Photo Credit: mmExclusives    Source: Pinterest 

Another simple yet stylish and classy look for your office days. This kind of attire allows you to brand your sense of style while not showing off much of your body. 


When showing up for official occasions, choose a simple yet bossy African dress. Attires that aren't too complicated but have a good design and fabric does a perfect job.