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All the warm outfits you can think of did a great job during the winter. However, summer is near, and you'd want to match the season. Most importantly, you should be ready to rock the recent fashion trends.

The best thing about summertime is that you have the opportunity to create and break the rules. You can decide to play with your looks and try out new styles in the city.

As for African designs, it's not a secret that the designers are taking over the fashion industry. So, the summer trends will definitely rock internationally. African designers tend to mix warm and vibrant colours that are a match to African summer.

Below are the latest fashion trends that women can rock during summertime

      1.  Rock Your Favourite Kimono Dress

Rocking a kimono dress is the best thing that you can do for yourself during the summer. And, the secret of looking your best with this outfit is going for a perfect fit. Kimonos come in different lengths. So, it's advisable to go for a calf-length version and avoid ankle-length designs.